Cameron Jacques

Cameron Jacques

President & Owner

DRE License Number:#02061504

Cameron Jacques is a real estate Broker, Investor and President of Kinnery’s Brokerage House & Elite Property  Management.  Mr.  Jacques  found  early  success  in  his  real  estate  career,  assisting  clients  in ‘financially staging’ their asset’s, prior to disposition, to help maximize the assets greatest return. Having  been  mentored  by  the  most  ethical  Brokers  in  the  business, Cameron’s  business  model  is sophisticated and client-centric, always placing his client’s needs and financial objectives above all else.

With an extensive background in RE appraisal, RE investing and RE Management, Cameron’s knowledge and expertise exceeds that of competing RE Brokers and property management companies, who tend to‘maintain’ an asset instead of ‘managing’ the asset to its fullest potential, there is a profound difference between  the  two.   His  loyalty,  work  ethic,  knowledge  of  the  rental  market,  multifamily  market  and dedication to his clients is unrivaled. Cameron currently sits on the board of directors southern cities apt association and takes great pride in protecting the rights of landlords throughout Long Beach


AACSC Apartment Association
California Association of Realtors