Finally found someone to manage my building

I went through management company’s faster than I went through tenants. It took 32 years of frustration to finally find someone to manage my building. Cameron you have no idea how great it is to call my property manager and have him answer the phone, know who I am, and more importantly know my buildings. It seems simple but it’s hard to find in property management. Keep doing what you do and keep smiling.

Johnson J.

The building look the best they have in years

Cameron, I don’t write testimonials and never post on Yelp, wouldn’t know how to. However, I’ll make an exception this time. The buildings look the best they have in years, the older tenants were singing your praises, which made me think what they thought of me. Lastly, the increase in income, who would have ever thought Long Beach would reach such highs. Well done my friend!

Donald R.

Good job!

Cameron, I don’t know anyone who loves property management and you have certainly convinced me that you do. Within the last six months I have seen an increase in income, both properties look great, and my tenants have stopped calling me with complaints. Couldn't be happier. Good job!

Sharon F.

Cameron, appreciate all the hard work

Your website mentions you don't just “maintain” you really “manage". Well, I can attest to that. Nice job, looking forward to next year.

Darren P.

I'd like to commend Cameron on his ability to stay positive and focused throughout the negotiation process

I recently had the opportunity to work with Cameron on the purchase of my new apartment building. We were one of seven aggressive offers, and I'd like to commend Cameron on his ability to stay positive and focused throughout the negotiation process. The seller had us jump through some unexpected hoops but we got to the finish line and I couldn't be happier with the new addition to my portfolio.

Paul M.

Couldn't be happier

Where were you 20 years ago!

Patrick and Lisa J.

I wish I had found you sooner

I've been managing my own portfolio for 27 years, I wish I had of found you sooner.

Robert M.

It was a complete pleasure to work with Cameron

I had the pleasure of advising a client on a real estate transaction in a challenging environment and Cameron Jacques proved to be the epitome of professionalism and integrity. He is always immediately responsive and I found his knowledge and insight of the marketplace to be outstanding. It was a complete pleasure to work with Cameron and I look forward to future transactions with him. Anyone interested in real estate in the greater Long Beach, California are would benefit by working with Cameron Jacques.

John B.

I am grateful to have had Cameron as my realtor

New to investment properties, I am grateful to have had Cameron as my realtor during the purchase of my fourplex in early 2017. Cameron knew of an off-market opportunity, quickly contacted the seller, and had our offer at her doorstep the same day. His hustle during the search allowed me to nab a property below market with built in equity. With his continued guidance during escrow and even after close made the process easy. Looking back now, I can clearly see he found me an incredible deal. When I am financially ready, I trust Cameron to find my next great investment opportunity.

Raj S.

Keep up the good work!

Cameron your enthusiasm amazes me. Property management is a tough job and all I can say is 'better you than me!'.

Darryl B.

Cameron thank you

I’ve been in the game a long time and the load has been increasingly burdensome over the past few years. To hear my rents were approximately 35% below market was extremely difficult to hear. This last three months has been wonderful. The increase in income is always nice but the stress relief is best. Thank you again for convincing an old man to enjoy his later years.

James L.